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If You Don’t Have It…Make it!

I’ve always heard this my whole life…”if you don’t have it…make it” which is the same as “if you don’t know about it…look it up” or “if at first you don’t succeed…try try again” and so on and so forth and what have you.  Mostly I never paid much attention to these sayings.  It always seemed like way too much work.  Occasionally I would find that those quotes are somewhat true and accurate.  Well, the other day I stumbled upon the perfect example of the accuracy of one of these phrases!

I was craving tortilla chips with either salsa or nacho cheese sauce for dipping.  I had neither in the house.  I stood in the kitchen and pouted for a few minutes and then thought “wait a minute…I can probably make my own salsa”.  Well, I opened up every cabinet looking for the right ingredients only to discover that I had none of the right ingredients!  Rats.  Just then another light went off in my overworked, humdrum head.  “I’ll make nacho cheese sauce!”  Sure, why not?!

So, I melted a bit of butter on the stove, mixed in some flour and added some milk.  When it got good and bubbly and thick I turned off the heat and added lots of shredded cheddar cheese.  After stirring in the cheese until it was melted I added some chili powder and salt for flavor and…voila!!!…I made nacho cheese sauce!  I was delighted with myself!  Something so simple to do rather than just sit and be grumpy all day.  So, I had my tortilla chips and nacho cheese sauce after all!

This new found creation has me thinking how cool it would look in a funky serving bowl on a platter with tri-colored tortilla chips.  A fun appetizer to make for guests!  Now I want to entertain and have guests!  The holidays are fast approaching so perhaps I will get the chance to do just that!  But then I would stress over cleaning the house and all that goes along with it and then I remember that “you don’t get anything clean without getting something else dirty”, yet another quote ingrained in me.  Exactly my fear.   But I’ll spare you any psychological evaluation here!

I guess the moral of this silly story is:  don’t brush anything off just because you don’t have what you want.  Just CREATE IT!!!!  And enjoy!



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