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Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

It's Thanksgiving Day here in Canada!  Having grown up in the States, this seems unusually early to me to be celebrating Thanksgiving.

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In The Microwave?

I had the best breakfast this morning and it all started in the microwave.  I'm normally not one to cook much in the microwave.  I use it mostly for heating things up, the occasional popcorn popping, and for jiffy defrosting when I'm short on time. 

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Grandma & Grandpa’s House

I woke up this morning thinking about visits to my grandparents' house.  Not sure how that came to mind but my memories are nothing but pleasant. 

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Meatloaf Nights…

Last night was a "meatloaf" night.  Every now and then we like to have a real dinner, sort of diner food, something more than the lighter fares we are used to having.  I know what you're thinking - you don't want to spend the time in the kitchen cooking. 

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Diary or Blog?

I’m so happy to begin this new blog and share my "stuff of life" with you! (Note to self: blog...not diary). I have been thinking all kinds of thoughts lately and I keep coming back to what started all these thoughts..."I want to start a diary, I mean blog"