The Author

    Jill Brown Sykes


Hello and welcome to My Humdrum Life Recipe blog! I will be sharing the “stuff of life” recipes from my tried and true recipe box collection which contains old passed down family recipes to dishes I’ve created by being lazy and using what’s already in the pantry!

I am a product of the 60’s & 70’s and grew up in Cincinnati.  Life was simple then.  We rode our bikes all summer long just about anywhere and everywhere.  Variety stores had penny candy, well maybe nickel candy. During the summer I left the house on my bike after breakfast and didn’t return until dinner time.  After dinner there were always neighborhood baseball games or kick-the-can games or ghost-in-the-graveyard games until I was called home.  Ah, the simplicity of it all.

Eating out was not a thing many families did then so cooking was always happening.  I always loved the stories told to me behind each recipe my mother made or my grandmother brought with her on her visits.  Learning that my ancestors ran a hotel and had a bakery only increased my love of cooking and baking.  To me recipes reflect a little about each person which is why I just love sharing them!

I hope you’ll visit My Humdrum Life Recipes blog often, read my posts and share with me as well! I’m looking forward to this!